InterMapper 5.6.6

InterMapper network monitoring software's live, interactive interface lets you see and control your TCP/IP or AppleTalk networks in real time wherever you are. Whether it's building-wide, campus-wide, or worldwide, know exactly what is going on with your network from a single location. This application InterMapper will monitor the health of your network 24/7, alerting you to deterioration of service, heavy traffic flow, denial of service attacks, and more.
InterMapper points out network problems -- often before users and customers suffer downtime or poor performance. SNMP and ping probes discover and query elements across your distributed network - whether it spans several rooms, a building, an office park, or distributed locations. Synthetic transactions test critical applications and alert you to email, web, or directory server problems. It's very easy to set up. You'll find yourself working within minutes.

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InterMapper 5.6.6
Operative system: Size:
1 Mb
Date Downloads
2013-03-11 1399
Web Minimum requirements Processor Power PC G4 / Memory RAM 512 An active Internet connection
Licence Recommended requirements
Processor Intel Core 2 Duo / Memory RAM 1gb An active Internet connection
Mac / Systems tools